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HSADJVENT-150 - Adjustable 150mm Heat Transfer Vent (Hangsell)

150mm Adjustable Inlet/Outlet Vent (Heat Transfer Flow).

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FH706 - ClearGlow 3 in 1 with Halogen

Powerful, yet quiet fan with ducting extracts mist that can cause mould and dampness and expels it outside your home, two 275 watt heat globes provide instant heat and a 50 watt halogen bulb lights your bathroom in summer or winter.

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HSVF150 - Fixed Outlet Vent (150mm)

Fixed Louvre Grill Outlet Vent (150mm)*
- *Available in 125mm and 100mm

Additional Size Codes:
HSVF125 - 125mm
HSVF100 - 100mm

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HS106SET - Grill Set 150mm Circular Fascia (Hangsell)

150mm Inlet/Outlet Vent Set with removable plastic grill.

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