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FV06CP - 150mm Dual Blade Inline Fan Unit

The Weiss 150mm Dual Blade Inline Fan is available for use as either a replacement of existing fan units, or as an additional booster fan to increase air movement performance if required.

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HS424 - 165mm to 150mm Plastic Adaptor

165mm to 150mm Plastic Adaptor (Used to connect / join 150mm ducting to 165mm application).

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FV102 - Inline 150mm shower extractor with low profile fascia

Powerful and effective inline exhaust fan with ducting. Rapidly clears away mist and extracts moisture to the outside of your home.

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FH708 - ClearGlow 4 in 1 with halogen

Powerful, yet quiet inline fan with ducting extracts mist that can cause mould and dampness and expels it outside your home, two 275 watt heat globes provide instant heat and a 50 watt halogen bulb lights your bathroom in summer or winter.

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