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FLED10 - LED floodlight - 10 watts

The FLED10 is used to efficiently illuminate wide areas.

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33F6 - F6 Grade Filter for S-Touch Systems

The Weiss 1kw in-duct heater is designed for use with the Weiss Home Ventilation System, but is certified in its own right as an in-duct heater and can therefore be used in any application where the airflow is over 2.1m/s.

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FVY150-B - 150mm Y Junction (Black)

150mm Plastic 'Y' Junction, designed primarily for use in ducting join / split application.

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HS424 - 165mm to 150mm Plastic Adaptor

165mm to 150mm Plastic Adaptor (Used to connect / join 150mm ducting to 165mm application).

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