FV4LCD - Home ventilation system

The S-Touch generation of ventilation systems are simple enough to operate, yet have the ability to be customised to suit your home and your family, and intelligent enough to ventilate your home automatically.

FV4LCD - Home ventilation system

Product S-Doc

Data Sheet

Product Details

  • System setting navigation displayed via on-screen prompts
  • System control temperature range adjustable from 16-36 degrees celsius
  • Filter life remaining detail available via menu navigation
  • System key lock option
  • S-Touch is designed as an upgradeable system to ensure viability now and in the future

Product Specifications

  • Utilise the free dry air to replace the high moisture content air in your home
  • Ensures optimal comfort for your family all year round
  • Allows your home to be ventilated whilst remaining secure day or night
  • Power saving benefits of optimised fan speeds in automatic modes
  • Barcode: 942000490109-6