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FV150 - Through wall extractor with low profile fascia

Powerful exhaust fan extracts mist that can cause mould and dampness to the outside of your home.

Product S-Doc

Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Stylish Design

  • Easy to install

  • Powerful fan motor due to blade pitch design

  • Expandable ducting

  • Unique 'no fuss' all in one unit

  • Extended three year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Powerful exhaust fan

  • Motor: 230-240 VAC 50Hz 0.3 Amp

  • Attractive slim-line fascia design

  • 70-300mm length of 150mm semi-rigid aluminium ducting

  • Total product wattage: 30watts

  • Free air fan performance: 151m3/hr / 41.9l/sec

  • Barcode: 942000490013-6